Kemi-Arvi 3 FAQ   [ Finnish ]


Please let us know about problems as soon as possible. In order for us to solve the problem, we need as much detailed information about it as possible. We must be able to reproduce the problem on our machines, so please provide us with all the necessary information. Try to think of anything about your system which is different from a typical desktop system. Below is a list of things which might help us in solving the problem.

Please send messages to Troy Korjuslommi at tjk or use this form.

  1. Is your operating system Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT4/2003/Vista/Windows 7, GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse), IRIX, Apple OSX, etc?
  2. Which version of Kemi-Arvi are you using? You will find this information under "Työkalut -> Yleisasetukset." Kemi-Arvi and Java version numbers are listed below the page header.
  3. Which java version is in use? (See above.)
  4. Are you using a local hard disk or an NT4, win2003, NFS etc. network.
  5. Are your user settings defined locally (e.g. Windows registry), or through Active Directory, LDAP etc. system?
  6. Is the system different from a normal desktop system in some other way?

Only some entries are translated. Please see the Finnish FAQ for a complete listing.

10. "How do I make a backup of my data?"

12. "I don't see files on the server."

13. "How do I share a database on the network?"


Question 10.
How do I make a backup of my data?
Answer 10. There is a "Tallenna" menu on the "Valitse tietokanta" page which allows you to save the organization and all of its chemicals in a single ZIP file. It is recommended that you make backups using this function, in case data gets corrupted because of a bug in the application, or for some other reason.

Question 12.
I don't see files on the server.
Answer 12. (This bug has been verified on Windows XP systems.) Please select the directory/file using the "Microsoft Windows Network" link/icon. The problem occurs only if you use the shortcut to the drive which appears on the same page with the "Microsoft Windows Network" link/icon. You can select the directory/file using the following path (under Finnish Windows):
"Työpöytä -> Verkkoympäristö -> Koko verkko -> Microsoft Windows Network -> {network name} -> {directory/file}"

Answer 12. B. Make sure you are logged on to the server in question. Try to read other files on the server, using another application.

Question 13.
How do I share a database on the network?
Answer 13. Kemi-Arvi 3 can currently be used in a networked environment in one of the following ways:

  1. Share all of your databases
    Go to the "Yleisasetukset" page ("Työkalut" menu) and move your database directory to a location which is visible on the network.
    The database directory is always named "kemi3." This directory contains other directories, one for each database. The directory names are of the form "001," "002," etc.
  2. Share a single database
    • Go to the "Valitse tietokanta" page.
    • Select the database you wish to share.
    • Select "Siirrä" and find the shared directory (e.g. "kemiarvi"). Kemiarvi will move the database to the directory you selected. After the move, the database will be visible in the list of databases so that " (ulkoinen)" is appended to its name. You cand find out where the database is located by clicking on "Kansiotiedot."

You must set permissions for the shared directory. You can make the directory either read-only or read-write, for all users or for a specific set of users. Database usage rights are determined by looking at the permissions of the shared directory. Kemi-Arvi will behave differently based on these permissions.

  1. All users have write permissions to a shared database. The first person to open the database can make changes and other users can only read the information. Once the first user closes the database, the next user gets write permissions, and so on.
  2. Only some users have write permissions. Same as above, except that users without write permissions always get only read permissions.

Sharing a directory works differently on different networks and on different operating systems. If your network has an administrator, please ask him/her to help you.

If you have a network without a server, please select the directory and click your right mouse button. Select "Jakaminen ja suojaus..." (Finnish OS) There you will find either a menu which allows you to set the directory as shared, or instructions on how to make the directory shared. E.g. Windows XP guides you to move the files/directories you wish to share into the "Jaetut tiedostot" directory. In the case of XP, please create a new directory inside "Jaetut kansiot," named e.g. "kemiarvi."
Please note that without a server, your files are only accessible to other users when your machine is on.

Other users can now start using the database you shared. Please follow the instructions below to open a database from another machine:

  • Go to the other machine and launch Kemi-Arvi 3.1.
  • Go to the "Valitse tietokanta" page.
  • Select "Luo uusi" and "Valitse tietokantakansio." Find the other machine on the network and its shared directory. Open the directory you shared (e.g. "kemiarvi"). Select the database directory (named "001," "021" etc.). These numbered names are directories for individual databases.
  • The database will now become visible on the database listing page so that the suffix " (ulkoinen)" is appended to its name. It is now shared across the network. You cand find out where the database is located by clicking on "Kansiotiedot."

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