Kemi-Arvi 3.1 Installation   [ Finnish ]

After you have downloaded the Kemi3Installer jar file to your machine, install the application according to the following instructions.

Before you install the application, please read the Kemi-Arvi 3.1 License.

Before you use Kemi-Arvi 3.1, read the FAQ, and especially FAQ #10: making backups.

Read also:

Kemi-Arvi 3 FAQ

Kemi-Arvi 3 version info (Finnish only).

Installation on Windows:

On Windows, installation is done by double clicking on the installation application, Kemi3Installer (a .jar file). When installation is complete, the installer launches Kemi-Arvi 3.1.

Installation in other environments (Linux, OSX, Irix etc.):

Run the installer using the following command:

java -jar Kemi3Installer.jar

Follow the installer's instructions (Finnish only). Write down the command line which the installer shows on the screen. You will need it for launching Kemi-Arvi 3.1 in the future.

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